Why Us

Although you would love to have that fulfilling homestyle-cooked meal you enjoyed back in school days it’s difficult to manage anything close to that with your busy schedule. What most of us end up eating is not really healthy and at times to our horror even unhygienic food, the nutritious meals has become “out of sight, out of mind”. It’s very important for you to get your daily nutrition – too little or too much is equally harmful, what your health demands are a well-balanced and healthy tiffin service.

A well-balanced and yummy meal can now reach almost every corner of Singapore.

Choose your meal plan and we promise to deliver tiffin’s / Bento Box meals nearest or possibly at doorsteps every day.

Why Food express?



Sign up for tiffin services in Food express or order for catering services from Tuas or even register from Sengkang, CBD, or Pasir Ris, we will not say a ‘NO’. We deliver just almost everywhere.

Affordable prices.

Customized lunch and dinner tiffin services Across Island start at just $5 with delivery. The food that you eat is healthy, yummy at the same time it’s affordable.

Easy Ordering

Ordering your meal on the Food express! The website will take less than 2 mins!

Fresh ingredients.

Every day fresh vegetables of the best quality are procured to ensure that the food that you eat is good for your health.

Separate cooking utensils for Veg and non Veg :

We have strictly separate utensils for Veg, Non-Veg cooking, and contamination is avoided.

Tasty Food

Our experienced chefs ensure that the food you eat has the perfect mix of spices. The food that you eat is not too spicy or too oily at the same time it’s very tasty.

Halal Food

We are on the way to getting Halal Certification, to be assured that all our cooking meals are Halal Style and all supplies are Halal Certified.

Customised options for Special Diet customers.

You can select your own menu with the help of our unique E-menu feature because you deserve to eat what you like.

Disposable containers.

Food is packed in disposable plastic containers. All these containers are carefully packed in a disposable bag. This ensures that there are no chances of contamination.

No preservatives/ artificial color/pre-cooked gravies.

No artificial preservatives, colors, or pre-cooked gravies to make the food look attractive. The food that you eat is just like the way food is cooked at home.

Experienced cooks.

Our cooks have more than a decade of experience in the catering industry.